Art director at Fine Feathered Fiends, data analyst by daylight Talk: Ready, Set, Research! Twitter Once, when someone turned on their basement light, out came scuttling Penta. No one caught them in time and now they’ve spent years honing their skills. They’re currently the art director for Drăculești, a horror BL adaptation of Dracula, but wear many hats as a … Read More


Director, community and content manager at Synstoria  Talk: Marketing: How to never run out of content for your social media Twitter Ayael is the director at Synstoria, she also manages all their marketing. During the Kickstarter campaign of Imperial Grace she crafted an ambitious communication plan, including a strong presence on social media, it was very successful and now she … Read More


yuri visual novel developer Talk: The Art of Asset Reduction: Make More With Less BlueSky, Twitter,, Tumblr Talk: Polishing your Release: the Little Features that Could shino, also known as 4noki, is a director, character artist, and scenario writer who creates yuri visual novels. Her most recent projects include The Final Prize is Soup and Lachesis ∨ Atropos.


Solo Dev + Educator Talk: Why People Want to Work with YOU YouTube Talk: Visual Novel Cinematography and Interactive Design Matthew Vimislik, aka “Vimi”, is a decade-long veteran of the games industry, but you probably know him best from his channel “Visual Novel Design”, where he teaches the basics of how to plan, write, animate, and program your visual novels … Read More