Nina Roussakoff

Game Director at Lovewish Twitter, Studio Twitter Talk: Power Emotions with Character Arcs Nina Roussakoff is a games industry veteran of over 15 years, and has worked on narrative games such as Broken Sword 5 and Beyond A Steel Sky, as well as hobby VN releases such as The Trouble with Earl Grey. She was a finalist for the Game … Read More

Miss Tabby Tales

Smug Cats Studio- Programmer/Writer Twitter Talk: Using Unity and the application NaniNovel to create visual novels


Producer Twitter Talk: Finish Your Game! Ayu has been writing visual novels for herself and others since 2009. With 10+ finished visual novels under her metaphorical belt, she’s had a lot of experience starting games, and nearly as much experience finishing them. She also runs a visual novel reading room at conventions, and is a big cheerleader for the annual NaNoRenO … Read More

Maxi Molina (SandraMJdev)

Freelance voice director, creative director at Rho Labyrinths Twitter, Steam, Linkedin Talk: Directing the Director: how to get the performance you wrote inside your head! Sandra “Maxi” Molina Juan is a Spanish 26-year-old freelance Creative Director, Voice Director, Art Director, 2D Artist, Writer, Translator and mostly retired comic book colorist with over 8 years of experience working across different artistic industries. Previous clients include … Read More


Solo developer at Crystal Game Works and freelance marketer Twitter, Twitter Talk: Making a VN in 4 Months VS 4 Years (a double postmortem) Arimia is an anime artist turned game developer who has been developing visual novels for over 6 years and marketing visual novels for over 2. In 2021, she released Asterism, a 4 year long project, and Crimson … Read More

Anjell (anjy93)

Co-Producer and Editor at Fluttering Abyss Twitter Talk: Author to Game Producer – Changes and Challenges Anjell is an author and avid gamer, with a passion for the written word. She’s highly involved in multiple gaming communities, which includes moderating for a medium sized streamer, running homebrewed D&D games, and playing in them.While she has had some volunteer experience with … Read More


Owner of Twitter, Website Talk: How to Approach Press/Content Creators for VN Devs Nook has been creating video content, streaming and writing for websites for many years. With achievements such being part of raising a Twitch channel to Partner, creating his own website that later became recognised on OpenCritic, and speaking as part of a panel at a game … Read More


Visual Novel Developer Twitter, Talk: The Intrigue in Ambiguity Katy133 is a Canadian visual novel developer who has been releasing VNs since 2013. She has a background in television series as an animator, and is the creator of the VNs Dear Devere, Last Meal at Cafe Mori, and Ghost Switch, among others.

Tristan “Wolf” Barber

CEO at Watercress LLC Twitter, Team Watercress Twitter, Partner Studio Imagibat Twitter Talk: Breaking Ren’Py: How our Pseudo-OS pushes Ren’Py even further beyond! Tristan “Wolf” Barber began his writing career in 2014 in the visual novel industry with his current studio, Watercress LLC. Spending the past seven years developing for over a dozen visual novel releases on both and … Read More


Director and narrative designer at Synstoria Pronouns: She/HerTwitter Talk: How to design interesting choices in VN Ayael always has been passionate about narrative games and how choices engage a player and affect a playthrough, after years of self-thought in narrative design, she is currently working on Imperial Grace, an otome with a lot of political choices shaping the world and … Read More