yuri visual novel developer Twitter, Talk: Releasing 8+ games (ft. game jams) and when to take a break shino, also known as 4noki, is a director, character artist, and scenario writer who creates yuri visual novels. Some games she has written include Moon Archer Shooting Stars, Follower A, and Who is the Red Queen?. She is currently working on a Steam release … Read More


Artiste with an ‘e’ Website, Twitter,, Youtube: VimislikArt Talk: Visual Novel Cinematography and Interactive Design Matthew “Vimi” Vimislik has 10 years of gamedev experience making mobile and web games for Nickelodeon, Disney, NBC-Universal and Sesame Street.  He is the solo developer of Romancing Flesh, the 2021 Spooktober 3rd Place Winner, and King of the Cul-de-sac, featured on the Ren’py homepage.


Lead developer, Quill Game Studios Twitter Talk: Ship more polished games with half the time – lessons from Quill Studios’ 2nd commercial game Quilly is the developer of Death Becomes You (Steam), and A Summer with the Shiba Inu (Steam and consoles), and 4-time Visual;Conference Speaker. She produces and programs Ren’Py for Quill Studios. During the day Quilly is a … Read More

Tim Reichert

Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director Twitter, Website Talk: The complexity of audio formats simplified for visual novels – what audio formats to use for what Tim Reichert is a composer, sound designer and audio director for video games who specializes in creating and editing audio assets for visual novels. Some of the current projects he’s working on include “LoveSick Darlings” … Read More