VN Developer Conference

January 22, 2022 (Sat) 11AM-6PM EST

Our 6th annual online-only conference

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Visual;Conference, often called VNConf, is the first and only developer conference made specifically for the VN genre.

Anyone who works on and loves visual novels, whether they're a programmer, director, artist, musician, tester, writer, journalist, has something worth sharing with the broader VN Dev community.

This conference is our place to learn from each other.


Why attend VNConf?

Because you get to watch the event live, along with many other fellow developers. Everyone has fun chatting in the shared discord, and all the speakers are also present to answer your questions during and after the Q&A parts of their talks.


  1. Anjell (anjy93)

    Anjell (anjy93)

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  2. Arimia

  3. Ayael

  4. Katy133


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  5. Maxi Molina (SandraMJdev)

    Maxi Molina (SandraMJdev)

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  6. Miss Tabby Tales

    Miss Tabby Tales

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  7. Nina Roussakoff

    Nina Roussakoff

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  8. Nook

  9. Quilly

  10. sake-bento


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  11. shino

  12. Tim Reichert

    Tim Reichert

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  13. Tristan “Wolf” Barber

    Tristan “Wolf” Barber

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  14. Vimi

Talk schedule

The talk calendar will begin to appear once speakers submit their finalized talk descriptions.

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