Tristan “Wolf” Barber

Watercress Studio Director/CEO

Wolf’s adventure into Visual Novels began in late 2013 when he discovered Katawa Shoujo. Deeply moved by the genre, he began to look for an opportunity to give back to the community that fostered him. He found his chance in August of 2014 when a new VN studio formed from the KS subreddit. An opportunity he couldn’t pass up, he joined a month later. Now called Watercress, that studio has eight released games (including Palinurus, Fare Thee Well and Our Home.). While Watercress has garnered a strong following for both their nakige and comedy style alike, they’re more known for their community interaction, particularly with the Voice Acting community and game collaboration.

Throughout his career, Wolf has earned a varied-yet-stable pool of experience to draw from. He’s a staple within Watercress, devoting over four years of his time to his Lead Writer, Project Director, and Studio Director roles. Outside of his work in his company, he is a working on a Bachelors Degree in English and regularly consults for other companies/studios within the EVN market.

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Insanity – The Story of Watercress’ NaNoRenO2018

Main Stream

Earlier this year, Watercress decided to take their NaNoRenO2018 submission to the next level. Having developed an 80k word VN, fully voice acted with over 11 endings in NaNo2017, they were ready to push themselves to the very limits of sanity for this NaNoRenO. With a team of ten studios and 60+ developers, they decided […]