Studio Director, Watercress Studios

Wolf’s adventure into Visual Novels started in late 2013 when he first played Katawa Shoujo. In August of 2014, Watercress was formed from the KS subreddit, and he joined roughly a month later. Watercress has developed six games: Lull, Palinurus (now on Steam, remastered), Seeds of Sylvia,, Fare Thee Well (remastered Steam release in December 2017), Our Home., and Ah! My Girlfriend is a Demon Summoned from the Depths of Hell!. They’ve been developing their flagship game, Avitus, for over three years.

Through his volunteer career, he quickly rose through the ranks, from a ‘musician’ (long story) to a Lead Writer (3+ years experience), to Public Relations Co-Director (1.5 years), and then finally Studio Director (2+ years, what for-profit studios call ‘Lead Developer/Producer’). Wolf’s expertise lies within the field of people, and managing them. While he used to have a day job, his current ‘job’ is going to college, working towards a degree in Psychology with a minor in English.

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VNs vs. 160 Characters

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As social media and instant messaging services take over communication, we are often told that short bursting information harms our appetite for consuming slower media like books. We will be exploring how VNs fit into the world of 160 characters or less and how the uprise of digital communication affects VN sales, VN development, and […]

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