Tristan “Cipher” Hallihan

Founder; Longwinter

Tristan “Cipher” Hallihan has been a freelance writer and editor since 2015. After growing dissatisfied with eBooks, an artist friend recommended he start working on visual novels instead – and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, he serves as Lead Editor at Team Watercress, Head of Writing at Epic Works, Co-Founder of Black Sakura, and Founder of Longwinter.

In the industry, Hallihan works to promote ethical standards, quality control, and his personal philosophy of “perpetual self-improvement, because prolific is better than perfect and perfect is impossible.” His passions outside of dev-work include music, philosophy, and mysteries. Currently, he is studying Political Science at the University of New Brunswick [Canada] and aims to be a prosecutor.

Critiquing Criticism: Giving, Receiving, and Good vs Bad

Critiquing Criticism: Giving, Receiving, and Good vs Bad

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Criticism is an integral part of personal growth, but sometimes it can be as hard to give as it is to receive. It is imperative that we recognize what makes good and bad criticism so we can acknowledge/give the former and ignore/avoid the latter. This talk seeks to explore the distinction between the two, using […]

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