Tristan “Cipher” Hallihan

Co-Director at Black Sakura

Tristan “Cipher” Hallihan has been a freelance writer and editor since 2015. After growing dissatisfied with eBooks, an artist friend recommended he start working on visual novels instead – and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, he serves as Lead Editor at Team Watercress, Co-Director at Black Sakura, and has worked with a wide variety of teams.

In the industry, Hallhan works to promote ethical standards, quality control, and his personal philosophy of perpetual self-improvement – because “prolific is better than perfect, and perfect is impossible.” His passions outside of dev-work include music, philosophy, and mystery fiction. Currently, he is studying Political Science and History, and aims to be a prosecutor.

Tips for more "Natural" Writing

Tips for more “Natural” Writing

Main Stream

Even for first-language speakers, writing “natural” dialogue and narration isn’t as easy as it seems. The English language is complex, so it takes many things – each with equal importance – to make something seem “good” to a reader. This talk will examine as many of those qualities as possible, with examples!

Art/Music/Writing/Design Lightning Talk