Nachi Kio


Nachi Kio is a long-time veteran of the Japanese Visual Novel industry. In the VN space, he started in 2003 as a writer. Since that time he has taken on the roles of scenario writer, director, designer, and producer for brands like GIGA, Nekoneko-software, Sumikko-soft. You may recognize some of his works: Fruit of Grisaia (Yumiko’s route, logo), Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (scenario), Haru made Kururu (producer, director).

He is also the founder of the KOMEWORKs design house that created the logos of countless VNs (e.g. Fruit of Grisaia) and Anime (e.g. Hidamari Sketch) alike. He even designed our own Visual;Conference logo! Currently volume 3 of his light novel series “Boku-tachi no Remake” was recently released while the series itself placed 6th in “Kono Light Novel wa Sugoi! 2018″‘s overall ranking.



Talk by Nachi Kio

Main Stream

A talk by Japanese professional visual novel producer, scenario writer, and designer Nachi Kio on his thoughts about what is important in being a director and directing. English interpretation will be provided.