Justin Kuiper

Scriptwriter, Route 59

Justin Kuiper is one of the founding members of Route 59, where he serves as scriptwriter for projects like Necrobarista. His other scriptwriting credits include Idol Manager and Winter Wolves’ Cursed Lands. Kuiper cohosted The Buzz visual novel podcast from 2015 to 2017, and he’s also the voice and writer behind Kinetic Literature, a Youtube channel that discusses writing in visual novels and anime.

Surviving 2 years at PAX

Surviving 2 years at PAX

Main Stream

I survived PAX, and so can you! A battle report from two years showing Necrobarista at PAX West and PAX Australia: tallying our expenses, how to get help as a solo dev, how to get the most out of PAX, and how to decide whether it’s worthwhile for you to go.

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