Joshua “Ryechu” Renner

Freelance Writer and Editor

Ryechu is a self-described pervert. He likes perverted things (and sometimes writes about perverted things). He works as a freelance editor and beta tester for MangaGamer, Frontwing, JAST, and LoveLab, and helps run Tsukiware. He also provides consulting services for western developers looking to publish their works. Oh, and he really likes Pokemon.

H-Scenes for Dummies

H-Scenes for Dummies

Main Stream

From “I can hear the semen wriggling in your balls” to “My hips are moving on their own,” this talk will discuss some of the moves you should not take when writing H-Scenes into your game. We will look at both “good” and “bad” writing in both official and fan-translated releases, and discuss potential alternatives […]