Multi-Media Story Artist; Lead Writer for Bruni MultiMedia, multi-media story artist, Dresenglass Studio

JD Glass is the Lead Writer for a new Bruni MultiMedia game, as well as co-founder and multi-media story artist for Dresenglass Studio. Author of American Library Association (Stonewall) and Lambda Literary Award (Literature) finalist Punk Like Me, and Lambda Literary and Ben Franklin Award finalist Red Light (among others), as well as listed on the Advocate’s Top 100 for CORE, Vol.1 Iss.1, JD’s brought the heat from her novels to her work with Voltage, Event Horizon LARP, and most recently, a forthcoming release with Bruni MultiMedia.

In discovering VNs JD says she’s discovered “her people,” and is always interested in consulting on or participating in helping build and expand the wide Universe of possibilities that are stories.

When not writing, JD is an active musician and illustrator, and completing her degree in Animation.

My Sessions

Writing for a studio versus writing for yourself-should there be a difference?

Main Stream

How big that jump in writing for yourself compared to writing for a studio is—and isn’t, and what you should be aware of if you’re going for it.

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