Ian “Nai” Glidewell

Writer, Developer @ Remort Studios Devtalk Community Leader

Nai has been a supporter of Visual Novel developers through the Devtalk community for three years, providing a networking space and services to new and veteran developers alike. He is a returning speaker at Visual;Conference, an advocate for visual novels as a medium and business, and a regular face in many visual novel spaces. One half of Remort Studios, LLC, Nai is the writer, programmer, and marketer in a husband-wife duo focused on making, promoting, and helping others improve their visual novels.

When The Kickstarter Stops: A Campaign Postmortem

When The Kickstarter Stops: A Campaign Postmortem

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What can be learned from failure? When The Shutter Stops, a mystery-adventure visual novel ran a Kickstarter campaign running Sept.- Oct 2018 and supporters brought in 7.7k USD before the campaign ended. Nai of Remort Studios believes that it’s important to learn from the mistakes of others and especially your own mistakes. He discusses the […]

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