Florencia Minuzzi

Writer and co-Founder, Tea-Powered Games

Florencia Minuzzi is the writer and co-founder of Tea-Powered Games. After years of biochemical research into fluorescent dyes, she decided to follow her other passion, writing for video games.

Florencia’s work with Dialogue: A Writer’s Story and Elemental Flow focuses on everyday conversations, personal interactions and more accurate portrayals of scientific research. Her freelance and personal projects let her explore other areas of interest, from interactive feline evolutionary trees to narrative game UI design.

Words Words Words – How to Effectively Deploy Text

Words Words Words – How to Effectively Deploy Text

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Visual Novels need to deliver a lot of words, so it’s important to think about the player’s reading experience! This talk will cover the kinds of questions you should ask yourself to improve your game’s text deployment. Should you add words a bit at a time or display them all together? Can text effects to […]

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