Bunny Advocate

Overly opinionated VN fan and stats nerd.

Bunny is a VN enthusiast who has far too much free time on her hands. Using her experience dealing with big data during her MSc in Artificial Intelligence and working in various parts of the software industry for several years, she now applies her skills to the VN medium and maintains an intermittently updated tumblr blog on the trends she uncovers.

Her hobbies include screaming into the void, collecting bunny pics, and delusions of grandeur.


Analysing trends in the VN Market

Analysing trends in the VN Market

Main Stream

Who needs an Orwellian surveilance state when users are so eager to share their thoughts online? Learn to love big data as we analyse the user votes and tag data on VNDB to build up a picture of the current VN market, its fandom, and how it’s changing.

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