Brad “EchoFrost” Whitesell

Coding Director, Watercress Studios

Like most of the Watercress developers, Brad’s venture into visuals novels began after his personal playthrough of Katawa Shoujo. Inspired by the medium’s ability to stimulate a reader’s emotions, Brad joined Watercress on July 7th, 2015. Brad joined the group as a member of the coding team under the direction of Kyle Zhou. During his time at Watercress, Brad has grown to fill the rolls of coding director and member of the marketing team. Outside of his current roles at Watercress, Brad works as a Software Engineering Intern while studying Computer Science at the University of Idaho.

VNs vs. 160 Characters

VNs vs. 160 Characters

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As social media and instant messaging services take over communication, we are often told that short bursting information harms our appetite for consuming slower media like books. We will be exploring how VNs fit into the world of 160 characters or less and how the uprise of digital communication affects VN sales, VN development, and […]

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