Ayu “sake-bento” Sakata

Founder, Head Writer (Sakevisual)

Ayu is the founder and head writer of sakevisual – a group specializing in mystery visual novels and otome games. She wrote Ripples, RE: Alistair++, Backstage Pass, and the Jisei series. She also works as a voice director. She’s cast and directed several visual novels – but you’re probably more familiar with her work as the director of the Funimation dubs of Assassination Classroom, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and Classroom of the Elite.

My Sessions

Voice Acting in Visual Novels

Main Stream

Looking to add voice acting to your game? Ayu briefly discusses how to prep your game for voices, how/where to find actors, the price of voice acting, and whether or not you even need any.

Art/Music/Writing/Design Development Lightning Talk