Circle Director/Project Manager/Writer, Primum Soft

AlphaProspector is a professional editor and photographer with knowledge of English, Spanish and Japanese, currently working full time in both disciplines. He has worked extensively with Nyu Media as a marketing and editorial consultant, contributing to the localization of many staple doujin games since 2012, including the Alltynex Trilogy by renowned circle Siter Skain. Currently he’s working on two projects of varying complexity and length from his own circle (Primum Soft) in conjunction with publisher Sekai Project. He has also done beta testing for a couple of console to PC ports.

Handling the workflow with an artist

Handling the workflow with an artist

Main Stream

We’ll view a few aspects of character design and creation that will help immensely both the artists and other parties to streamline and coordinate project flow more easily, saving headaches to both parties.

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