Randy “Agilis” Au

Project Manager, Sekai Project. Visual;Conference Organizer

Randy has been playing visual novels since 2003 and actively involved in the visual novel translation community since 2005 when he first released “Narcissu”. Since then, through his contacts and friends within both the Japanese and Western VN industries, he’s watched things evolve and change over time.

He has also released “Narcissu 2” and “Ame no Marginal” on Steam, as well as helped translate numerous other projects. He currently works as a project manager and translator at Sekai Project,

At his day-job, he works in the tech sector in data. He is also the organizer of Visual;Conference and also hosts Visual;Podcast.

The VN Industry: Today And Tomorrow

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A short time for everyone to get settled and oriented, fix any last minute tech issues, and get to know one another on discord.


How to organize an online gamedev conference

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