Chris Ling

Co-Founder and Acting CEO at Sekai Project Chris is the co-founder and current CEO at Sekai Project. Has been involved with the game industry for well over a decade as a freelance translator and a convention vendor on the anime convention scene. As CEO of Sekai Project, Chris has been involved in all manners of publishing from negotiations, licensing, marketing …

Manuela Malasaña

Owner of Team Dogpit Manuela Malasaña is a playwright, director, and game developer based out of Austin, TX, and since 2015 her studio, Team Dogpit, has been known for unconventional games with a heavy narrative focus. Twitter

Tom “PyTom” Rothamel

Lead Developer, Ren’Py Tom is the creator and lead developer of Ren’Py, one of the world’s leading visual novel engines. He also hosts the Lemma Soft forums and the Ren’Py discord. When not making visual novel engines, he works developing software for the internet of things. This is his second time speaking at Vn;Conf. Twitter


Visual Novel Creator Katy133 is a Canadian visual novel developer. She has created multiple visual novels since 2013, including Dear Devere, Last Meal at Cafe Mori, Eight Sweets and [redacted] Life. She also hosts Halcyon Cafe, a podcast on visual novel development, does VTuber livestreams and has hosted the Winter VN Jam. Itch.ioTwitch

MAHO! Cody

Cody, Project Manager/Founder of MAHO! Studio A long-time participant in the RPG Maker scene, Cody’s strange journey through the internet landed him at Crystal Game Works, learning how to make visual novels during NaNoRenO 2020. His Youtube channel still boasts a wealth of quality game design content, including MAHO! Indie Spotlight, the /rpgmg/ podcast, and comedy isekai webseries Defeat the …

Ashe Thurman

Owner of Pixels and Pins Studio Ashe Thurman began as a short fiction writer in sci-fi and fantasy with published works in Flash Fiction Online, Infective Ink, and other online and local litery magazines. After experimenting with audio dramas and a small anthological narrative project, she wrote her first visual novel in 2017 for NaNoRenO. Amaranth (a yuri, urban fantasy …

Jaime Scribbles

Jaime Scribbles, Developer and Narrative Designer Jaime of Jaime Scribbles Games is responsible for Pinewood Island, As We Know It, and the upcoming In Blood visual novels. She’s also done work for jam games and tries to be a helpful part of the visual novel community. Has written an article on customizable sprites and press kits. TwitterWebsiteItch.ioSteam

Anthony “Cryshulvo” Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez is a singer, with a BA in Music from the University of Florida, actor, and director living in Dallas, Texas. He has been singing and acting for decades. He lived in Japan for two and a half years where he fell deeply in love with the culture, language, and people. He has voiced in a few VNs like Solipsism Reigns …

Maxi Molina / SandraMJdev

Voiceover Director, Art Director, writer Maxi or Sandra Molina — also known as SandraMJdev— is a Spanish non-binary professional Art director, Voiceover director, 2D artist, writer, translator and retired comic book colorist of DC Comics and Blizzard fame. Maxi has been developing The Hayseed Knight primarily on their own over the last 4 years, and recently released the game on …

Tristan “Wolf” Barber

Wolf, CEO/Studio Director at Watercress Beginning his development career in 2014 with Watercress at the age of 17, Wolf’s experience within the industry spans six years and over a dozen releases. Having held many positions over the years including Writing Director, Project Director, and currently, CEO of Watercress, Wolf’s background is in writing, creative design, and management. Having directed over …