CEO at Watercress LLC

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Talk: Breaking Ren’Py: How our Pseudo-OS pushes Ren’Py even further beyond!

  • Tristan “Wolf” Barber began his writing career in 2014 in the visual novel industry with his current studio, Watercress LLC. Spending the past seven years developing for over a dozen visual novel releases on both and Steam, he works as a Lead Writer, Creative Director and CEO, both managing and writing for all of Watercress’ major projects. Alongside his works within the visual novel industry, he’s given several industry talks (participating in every VN;Conf to date) and hosted panels at both RTX and SakuraCon. 
  • Wolf currently enjoys life in Fredericksburg, Virginia, working towards a Creative Writing Major by day as a Senior at the University of Mary Washington, and by night on both commission works as the Narrative Director at Imagibeat Studio and on the major flagship project within Watercress proper. As a leftist, much of his narrative works are steeped in the status quo and deconstructions thereof, with particular respect to class, gender, and sexuality.