Ashe Thurman

Owner of Pixels and Pins Studio

Ashe Thurman began as a short fiction writer in sci-fi and fantasy with published works in Flash Fiction Online, Infective Ink, and other online and local litery magazines. After experimenting with audio dramas and a small anthological narrative project, she wrote her first visual novel in 2017 for NaNoRenO. Amaranth (a yuri, urban fantasy otome) would be her first full game, wholly written, illustrated, and programmed as a one-person team with full-voice acting. The then-formed Pixels and Pins Studio has since released six games with two more in production including the commercial otome The D (Stands for Demon).

In 2018 she was part of the first group to help Ayu Sakata coordinate and manage the VN Reading Room at Anime Fest in Dallas, TX, and returned in 2019. This same year and before COVID hit, she traveled to conventions all over the state with a visual novel development panel and demonstration table. She’s currently the staff text editor for Snowhaven Studios/Party Tales Games, a staff reviewer for the VNGame Den visual novel review site, and part of the teams working on the currenly in development Battle Royale for Your Heart and My Only Sunshine.

You can find her work at