Anthony “Cryshulvo” Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez is a singer, with a BA in Music from the University of Florida, actor, and director living in Dallas, Texas. He has been singing and acting for decades. He lived in Japan for two and a half years where he fell deeply in love with the culture, language, and people. He has voiced in a few VNs like Solipsism Reigns and Impostor and is currently directing/voicing in a few more VNs like Clarity in Qualia and Darling Duality (name subject to change).

As a Casting Director at Amberstone Studios, Anthony helps indie game developers find the right voices for their projects. From casting calls to live direction he has experience working directly with actors so that developers have less things to manage and stress about. As much or as little as the developer wants to be involved, he makes sure that everything gets done smoothly and in a timely manner. In his free time he enjoys doing practice sessions for voice actors, singing, and playing video games.