The owner and community manager of the Visual Novel development community DevTalk, a software developer specializing in process automation, writer, and amateur comedian, or so he thinks. Nai says he is drawn to visual novels more than anything else, and he’s made it his goal to build bridges between communities, creators and consumers and solve problems the industry faces.  He uses his expertise and passion to create value and services for the industry, such as the developer promotion and discovery bot Lemonchan (@VN_Devtalk), the visual novel randomizer/broadcaster Cherry (@VNShuffle), and a number of services and programs for developers and freelancers hosted through the DevTalk community.  

Nai is a three-time Visual;Conference speaker, sharing with us his approach to developing effective marketing material through trials and experiments, what he learned from a near-miss Kickstarter campaign, and now returning for an introduction to a powerful new visual novel development plug-in, NaniNovel!