Studio Director and CEO of Watercress

Wolf began his development career in 2014 with Watercress. Much later in 2018, he joined Somnova Studios, now a sister studio to Watercress. Within these studios and the several others he has consulted for, he has worked on over ten released visual novels, such as Palinurus, this was for you., and Missing Stars, with several launched on Steam.

Throughout his career, Wolf has earned a varied-yet-stable pool of experience to draw from. He’s a staple within Watercress, devoting over five years of his time to his Lead Writer, Project Director, marketing and Studio Director roles. He is also a consultant for Somnova Studios, working on both logistics and quality assurance. Outside of his work in his company, he is three years into a Bachelors’s Degree in Creative Writing/English and regularly consults for other companies/studios within the EVN industry.