Tristan “Wolf” Barber

Wolf, CEO/Studio Director at Watercress

Beginning his development career in 2014 with Watercress at the age of 17, Wolf’s experience within the industry spans six years and over a dozen releases. Having held many positions over the years including Writing Director, Project Director, and currently, CEO of Watercress, Wolf’s background is in writing, creative design, and management. Having directed over half of Watercress’ releases, he puts individual/studio improvement, accessibility, and ethics above all else – even if it results in a sacrifice of quality or a delayed game.

Alongside his work within his own studio, he works as a consultant for Somnova Studios, focusing on both logistics and quality assurance, and is contracted as the Writing Director of Imagibeat Studio. He is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in English: Creative Writing while regularly giving industry talks and hosting panels at conventions like SakuraCon and RTX.

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