Call for speakers – Submissions are open!

Have experience working on a visual novel of some kind? Then you must have learned something that someone else in the audience doesn’t know.

Big or small, professionally or “just for fun”, Visual;Conference is about sharing our experience with each other. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written, drawn, translated, edited, marketed, negotiated, programmed or play-tested, from multi-game epics to 3 lines of test code, you have something to say that someone else will want to hear.

There are 2 kinds of talk submissions, 20min talks and 5min lightning talks. The webinar software we’ll be using will allow you to show slides and speak (full video capability is TBD).

Topics can be anything related to the the creation or business of visual novels. They can be deeply technical, or very casual. Just talk about something you’re excited about.

The submission form can be found here.